Welcome to Hugo

Hello and welcome to hugo.

This handsom man partially ruptured his cruciate ligament. His dad has been keen to do lots of research and really work out the best options for hugo before commiting him to major surgery. It is fair to say that no surgery is without risk, so well done to him for being so vigilant. He is also being very sensible and working with the vets advise to ensure he is safe to wait.

So Hugo has come for physiotherapy to work on the muscle building in the limb. This will add more support to the joint and give it a better chance of healing. Hugo is actually doing very well and has already recovered immensily from the original injury, so he maybe one of the lucky few that can manage the cruciate repair conservativly. The investigation and care plan will continue as we want to ensure we dont put him at a higher risk of arthritis complications later in life. 

Hugo is a lucky boy with a dedicated dad. Keep uo the good work Hugo and daddy.