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  • Welcome to Endo

    Welcome to Endo

    Hello and welcome to Endo Endo is such a sweetie. He has aged very well and is so fit and healthy. A very short time ago he very randomly wee’d whilst he was chilling on the sofa. He seemed completely unaware of the problem. Worried mum rushed him to the vets and following tests, nothing…

  • Tinkerbells story

    Tinkerbells story

    Meet Tinkerbell ❤️. This is Tinkerbells story. I wanted to share this story as it is one of hope and support to anyone out there who is worried about thier own loved ones….its a story of how we must look at the individual and how happy they are and not only the problems.  Don’t…

  • Welcome to Coco

    Welcome to Coco

    Hello and welcome to Coco! She is so sweet! This little poppet came for physio to rehabilitate her luxating patella. This is relatively common in these smaller breeds, so it was little surprise to see her referral. She is very young and that is when you can start to see signs of this knee pathology.…

  • Microchip check up

    Microchip check up

    Microchip fact! This is why we need to get the microchips checked regularly…..⏰️ This is flynn. His microchip has moved…that is quite normal and not a problem, but what is a problem is if they actually leave the body! This one is so close to the skin you can see #microchip #AnimalPhysiotherapist #bracknell #animalphysiotherapy  it!…

  • Going deaf

    Going deaf

    Sometimes we have to put a lable on it! 😅 My boy is nearly 11! He is starting to loose his hearing. He is completely fine if we are all on our own, but if other dogs are around or runners, or other walkers, he just can’t hear properly 🙉 So we have to yell…

  • Welcome to Ziggy

    Welcome to Ziggy

    Hello and welcome to Ziggy! One super cute and insanely cuddly border collie! Ziggy has been suffering with his back leg. Some lameness and now it has reduced to stiffness. Mum was and is super worried so having been told by the vet that there is a suspected cruciate disease,  she came for rehabilitation.  He…

  • Family business

    Family business

    We are very much a family business, so sharing out latest family photo…. It started out with just me! But as my family grew (and I found my man) they have all become part of making Animal Physiotherapy the success it is today!  I’m super proud! You all know me! I’m the one with the…

  • Welcome to Aria

    Welcome to Aria

    Hello and welcome to Aria! This is a very young little beauty Mum is a massive, knowledgeable supporter of early intervention. As a result, she felt strongly that she wanted her puppy assessed. She had no real concerns other than that she has grown incredibly fast! She really has! Getting an assessment early is a…

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  • Welcome to Bobby

    Hello and welcome to Bobby. This is a very special boy. Mostly because he is so incredibly cute and also because he has some enormous paws to fill. His mum used to bring her late dog to me for physio. He was so lovely too! But sadly has passed. This left a huge hole and…