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  • Podcast interview for Vet Times magazine!

    Podcast interview for Vet Times magazine!

    I am so proud! Vet Times magazine got me on thier show for thier 48th podcast! They discussed my fabulous career and I share some of my thoughts about my life journey and tips on staying happy in this veterinary industry. I love being a vet nurse and an animal physiotherapist and I couldn’t be…

  • 5 star review

    5 star review

    Thank you for another 5 star glowing review πŸ₯° #vetrehabbers #animalphysiotherapyltd #smallbusiness #supportinglocalbusiness #reviews #bracknell

  • Doggy dieter

    Doggy dieter

    I love celebrating weight loss success 🍾 Doggie dieter of the month! Hollie! πŸ’ƒπŸ’“πŸŽŠ Lost 3.9kg!! That was 11% of bodyweight!❀️ Huge achievement! Sge is now a 4/9 body condition score! πŸ’ Most importantly, we know that just 6% body weight loss is the equidistant in pain relief as NSAID’s and the family jas noticed…

  • Another glowing review

    Another glowing review

    Another glowing review! I’m always so grateful when someone takes time to review. Thank you so much!

  • Guilt, it meant you learnt something

    Guilt, it meant you learnt something

    Guilt, Far too commonly felt emotion in this world. But it does mean you have learnt something, so we can be positive about it.So be empowered. Please know. We/I am here to support you, not judge you. Any feeling that might be holding you back from getting the help you need, let that go. No…

  • Another 5 star review! Thank you!

    Another 5 star review! Thank you!

    Another glowing 5 star review! Thank you! Thank you.  These reviews help keep us small business’ in business.

  • Pain, behaviour and resiliance

    Pain, behaviour and resiliance

    Pain, behaviour and resiliance is the title of my latest CPD. Continual professional development. I had to share these nuggets of thought… You are not born with your set resilience for life. You can change it!There are many factors that influence pain perception. These include genetics and microbiome etc. But also psychosocial. These have many…

  • Welcome Floyd

    Welcome Floyd

    Hello and welcome to Floyd. He is so lovely, but he has such a complex history that he needs a lot of care. I have no problem providing that, and I make sure he feels calm and safe. He was sent to me for rehabilitation of his elbow dyspalsia. We can’t fix this, but we…

  • Welcome to Ella

    Welcome to Ella

    Hello and welcome to Ella. This darling little dog has ruptured her cruciate ligament. This is such a common problem, but it tends to have slightly more prevalence in bigger dogs. Ella’s mum has opted to manage her cruciate rupture conservativly. This means no surgery. We always have a full discussion of the pro’s and…

  • Sunscreen!

    SUNSCREEN Please πŸ™ Don’t forget the little white patches of skin that might seem insignificant. Also those shaved patches after they have been operated on. So easy to forget when the sun is so rare here. As a person who burns at the first whiff of spring,Β please protect the animals too. There are plenty of…