Education Services

We offer education and CPD services to all including:

  • Massage for ownersOnline
  • Prehabillitation in dogs “Prehab Prehab what the Heck is prehab!”- for veterinary and rehabilitation professionals – Online
  • Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation for the exotic patient “Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation in the NOT dog or horse!” – For animal physiotherapists, qualified or students – Online
  • Introduction to physiotherapy in practice – for veterinary professionals – In person
  • Dogs as athletes – for owners – In person
  • Gold Standard Physiotherapy in the osteoarthritic Patient – For veterinary professionals – In person
  • Post operative rehabilitation – For veterinary professionals – In person


Massage for owners – “Puppy massage” Good for all ages

You can now purchase learn puppy and dog massage with our Puppy Massage DVD. Alternatively you can do this via our Online course.  Learn in your own time, in the comfort of your own home. Great for any age dog. See the puppy massage pages for full information. Its easy to follow, and a visual way of learning.

Prehab prehab, what the heck is prehab!

This course was written and presented for vetklinicon. This was the learning event for vets klinik in Swindon. It was very well recieved and enjoyed by all. It will teach you whet prehab is, why we need to do it, and the principles behind the process. Very evidence based and is 45 minutes of CPD.

Now also available online click the link!

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation for Exotics Patients – Or animals that are not the Dog or horse!

Exotic Patient - Skunk
Exotic Patient – Skunk

This course is being run as CPD for students and qualified animal physiotherapists and

rehabilitation specialists..  It is a 6.5 hour CPD.

Due to popular demand we have now made this available online for you to purchase. You can complete this in the comfort of your own home, at your own speed, due to its life time availability.

In this CPD we will look at how to approach the thought process of dealing with a species you may have little or no experience with. You will gain confidence in exploring the varying anatomies. Using your current physiological know how, to make assessments and decide treatment plans. We explore how different species vary and how this can effect our treatment options. We can also look at how specific species issues can also give us clues as to what may be wrong. We will explore a handful of species to give a broad over view of variety. There are many species that enter a practice daily. Most physio training providers only teach horses and dogs. This course explores other common pets including cats and rabbits, so this is a bigger focus in the day. Other species covered in more detail include Skunk, Elephant, Alpaca and Cows. All of which, speaker Donna Wills, has had experience treating.

Donna has great passion in encouraging the profession to get on board with learning exotic patient care. This perspective will open your mind and help you look more critically at breed specifics in dogs, as their anatomy can and does vary so immensely.

You can listen to a pod cast interview with Dr Megan Kelly on Online pet health 

This course is IRVAP accredited and in the top 2% of courses

The IRVAP Accreditation review said this of the course:

The course is set to be of very high quality and by accrediting this course we are letting membership know the quality of this course and it has been checked/approved by IRVAP.
There is a gap in the market for this kind of course and most other industries are using webinars for training and CPD. The author of the course allows learners the opportunity to ask questions along the journey which is excellent. The cost is very good and plenty of content for any member new or experienced in Physiotherapy.

Gold standard Physiotherapy in the Osteoarthritic Patient

2 hour CPD for veterinary professionals. Delivered in clinic, to address how physiotherapy can be an important part of the multi modal approach to treating osteoarthritis. Donna is highly passionate in osteoarthritis care and has discussed this at length with Fellow passionate Hannah Capon MRCVS, founder of Canine Arthritis Managment.

Post Operative rehabilitation in Practice

2 hour CPD for veterinary professionals. Delivered in clinic to address what you need to think about when designing your post op rehabilitation plan in practice. It is a good insight into the thought process an animal physiotherapist goes through when setting exercise regimes and rehabilitation plans.

Introduction to physiotherapy in practice

This is a 2 hour CPD for veterinary professionals education. Often done for individual clinics as an evening CPD option. It provides a full understanding of the use of physiotherapy and gives some ideas of how to use it. It is half lecture and half practical. This was developed for BVNA congress and was well received. Further information on enquiry.

Dogs as athletes for owners

This has been developed to teach owners with sporting dogs. They will learn why its important to look after the athletic dog, and how to look after them. It includes learning warm up and cool down techniques. This will improve performance and reduce injuries. Further information on enquiry.

Accredited trainer

For TCAP (Training college for Animal Physiotherapists). Their work experience can be done with us. Physio students need to do a set number of hours with a qualified physio in order to get their qualification.

Donna Wills has lectured at the following establishments:

  • Multiple veterinary practices
  • BVNA Congress
  • BVNA regional meeting
  • Improve international in the UK and in Denmark
  • Excel, London – Rehabilitation congress
  • Dog owner education Show
  • Training collage of Animal Physiotherapy
  • Justo Development
  • Vetklinicon

Donna Has also written multiple professional articles for several publications including:

  • Veterinary nursing times several times
  • Veterinary Times
  • Veterinary nursing Journal
  • Animal Therapy Magazine

Donna research paper for her qualification was in the effect of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy in canine osteoarthritis. She achieved distinction in this paper.