Welcome back Monty!

Hello and welcome back to Monty. This sweet old man now, originally came to us many years ago following cruciate surgery. It was very successful and he did really well. But arthritis was inevitable. 

So he has come back to us in his golden years. We are pleased to report that actually, his knees are suprisingly good! But he is a bit weak in his hind. We have no doubt winter aches and pains are setting in. 

He actually does have quite a sore neck. Whilst this could be unrealted, we are mindful thst during the injury and recovery phases, dogs do put a lot of stress through thier neck as they limp and head bob. So this is not totally unsuprising. 

So we have done a good deep massage session and set mum up with a home excericse regime, with some range of movement work, a more managable, little and often walk regime and some strength excercises. Mum is doing really well and Monty is responding very well. That is one dedicated family to Monty. He is a lucky man and very loved. 

Keep up the good work Monty and mum!