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  • Tilly’s story and celebration!




    Time to celebrate Tilly’s story and weightloss journey! Tilly lost 5.2kg! 13.56% bodyweight! Tilly and her mum smashed it! I couldn’t be more proud. Mum even said “when you told me she needed to loose that weight, I thought, no chance….but we have done it!” Tilly is now able to enjoy the fact that she…

  • Well done Banjo!

    ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Well done Banjo! And mum and dad!!! Banjo came to us having had surgery for a ruptured cruciate. The rehab went well but quickly became arthritis. This is not unusual. Arthritis frequently kicks in very soon as there is often a grumbling weakening cruciate that will have been going on a while, undetected. But his…

  • Welcome Dave

    Hello and welcome to Dave. His parents are no strangers to us as we are now the family physio! Silly Dave sadly was less agile than needed. He had a fall and ruptured his cruciate! I know! This is normally only an injury you hear of for dogs! But cats can get this to. But…

  • Welcome to Bic

    Hello and welcome to Bic. This cutee came for post operative rehab. She was another of the many dogs we see who have had cruciate repair surgery. This one had a procedure known as a lateral suture. The rehab went really well and full function and a very happy dog was regained. Our aim was…

  • Welcome to Bently




    Hello and welcome to Bently. This beautiful boy has an amazing family. He came to us with Elbow dysplasia both sides and a torn grumbling cruciate. They opted to managed All of this Conservativly. This means physio rather than surgery. Sometimes surgery is the only route but all cases must be looked at individually. These…

  • Thank You For This New 5* Review!




    We’ve had a real run of lovely reviews recently, and the wonderful Paula has added to these with a new fantastic review on Google. #animalphysiotherapyltd #5*review #vetrehabbers #googlereview

  • Welcome to Teddy

    Hello and welcome to Teddy. Such a sweet labradoddle. Not too much to report on this one! A text book recovery! He ruptured his cruciate and had surgery. He was sent for physio which is a wonderful choice as this helps this result be so outstanding! He followed his plan to perfection and was signed…

  • Welcome to Harry

    Hello and welcome to Harry. This lovely lad ruptured his cruciate ligament. Such a common problem and made more likely with any excess body weight. Harry needed surgery to stabilise the knee. The surgery went well but he was very sore afterwards and saw a specialist and had physio and hydrotherapy. We all had our…

  • Welcome Boycie

    Hello and welcome to Boycie. This lovely old man had cruciate ligament damage. He had it surgically repaired. This went well but we all know the icing on the cake for a good recovery is physio and rehab. He had not become confident using the limb again on his own. Dogs and many other 4…

  • Welcome to Molly

    Hello and welcome to Molly. This super cute parsons Jack ruptured the cruciate ligament. After an awesome surgical repair she came for physio to rebuild muscle and ensure the fastest and most successful recovery possible. Well done mum, dad and molly for being being awesome and following the plan!