Well done Banjo!

👏👏Well done Banjo! And mum and dad!!!

Banjo came to us having had surgery for a ruptured cruciate. The rehab went well but quickly became arthritis. This is not unusual. Arthritis frequently kicks in very soon as there is often a grumbling weakening cruciate that will have been going on a while, undetected. But his arthritis did progress quickly.

⚖️As part of the rehab plan we got him on a weight loss diet. This is so important!

💪I am thrilled to announce he hit his target!!! He is now body condition score 4/9 which is perfect!

🐕He lost 8.4kg!!!! This was 22.7% bodyweight! So amazing. It is a shock that so much needed to be lost, but it’s good to share as this is how easy it is to carry so much extra. He never “looked” like he was that over weight at all! Proving how a fresh set of eyes can really help you assess your dogs weight. 🐕

He is now smashing his life and so happy! Just 10% weight loss doubled his quality of life!

Well done Banjo, mum and dad!