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  • Welcome to Ziggy

    Welcome to Ziggy

    Hello and welcome to Ziggy! One super cute and insanely cuddly border collie! Ziggy has been suffering with his back leg. Some lameness and now it has reduced to stiffness. Mum was and is super worried so having been told by the vet that there is a suspected cruciate disease,  she came for rehabilitation.  He…

  • Get your Copy of the Puppy Massage DVD to help get your dogs through lockdown!



    So, nearly 3 weeks of lockdown! How are your dogs feeling? Sore, stiff, ok? Us therapists feel so sad we can’t get our hand on to help but there is a solution. The Puppy massage DVD! It has a digital upload so you can get it onto any device via your laptop or PC if…

  • Get ready for fireworks season – Puppy Massage DVD

    Fireworks season is fast approaching. We all know how stressful it can be for our dog, and therefore, for us too! Here is tye Puppy Massage DVD to help you calm your dog this season. There are lots of things we can try to help with the stress.

  • Welcome to Bruno

    Hello and welcome to Bruno. A very excited and happy labrador! He showed some issues which concerened his parents so they investigated his hind. It turned out he did have mild hip dysplasia. He also seemed to show some mild back pain. He has been sent for physio so he can be managde conservativly and…

  • Welcome to cassi

    Hello and welcome to Cassi. Such a sweet little labrador. She has been very well for a lot of years. Her mum is super vigilant and looks after her joints well. But in the last 18 months she noticed some changes and one of her back legs starting to have some problems. These seemed neurological.…

  • Big Dog Bed Company Now Stocking Puppy Massage DVD



    Big Dog Bed Company Now Stocking Puppy Massage DVD We are proud to announce that the Big Dog Bed Company are now Stocking Puppy Massage DVD We are big fans of the Big Dog Bed Company. largely because our patients are big fans! We use a Big dog Bed Company bed for our treatments. It was…

  • Performance Dog – Now Stocking the Puppy Massage DVD



    Performance Dog are now Stocking the Puppy Massage DVD We are proud to announce that the Performance Dog website are now stocking the Puppy Massage DVD. We met them at Crufts 2018 and they were happy to support our DVD. They supply books and DVD’s and lots of other things that help creat happy rounded…

  • Welcome to Boo

    Hello and welcome to Boo. Oh such a cute jack russel with such lovely parents. He has had a happy life. Then he suddenly became very ill and vestibular syndrom was diagnosed. This is a nasty illness with unknown causes. It effects the inner ear. It makes the dogs eye track side to side (nystagmus),…

  • Welcome to Loki

    Such a total sweetheart. Mum decided he needed to learn to be calm as he was quite crazy. Rescue too, he was keeping mum on her toes!  Mum was great and had a behaviourist help, but it was still not totally the answer. She saw our Puppy Massage DVD and requested a 1 to 1…

  • Visit Crufts Stand 50, Hall 1! For Puppy Massage DVD, Photizo and IAAT



    Visit Crufts Stand 50, Hall 1! For Puppy Massage DVD, Photizo and IAAT Come visit Crufts at the NEC Birmingham, Stand 50, Hall 1! For Puppy Massage DVD, Photizo and IAAT. Crufts starts tomorrow. One of the biggest dog shows in all the world, and worth a visit even if you only go for the shopping! Any…