Welcome to Ziggy


Hello and welcome to Ziggy! One super cute and insanely cuddly border collie!

Ziggy has been suffering with his back leg. Some lameness and now it has reduced to stiffness. Mum was and is super worried so having been told by the vet that there is a suspected cruciate disease,  she came for rehabilitation. 

He has further investigation tomorrow as there are a few things going on and we want to make sure we treat the right thing and don’t miss anything else out.

Meanwhile he has a muscle building program as the muscle has reduced. He also has a restricted exercise program, but one that works for him as he loves his exercise.

This works very well as serves as prehabillition if it is found that surgery is needed. We know there is greater surgical outcome when muscle bulk is better before the operation.

We look forward to your results tomorrow Ziggy! Good luck