Family business

We are very much a family business, so sharing out latest family photo….

It started out with just me! But as my family grew (and I found my man) they have all become part of making Animal Physiotherapy the success it is today!  I’m super proud!

You all know me! I’m the one with the pink hair, I’m the physio!

Brian is the husband and he is the technical guy. When the website is down, he stops me throwing the laptop out the window!

Paige, is the unofficial apprentice! Often taking the photos, and during covid, helped with some of the patients when the parents couldn’t come in! Thank you!

Next we have Bonnie and swagger. These 2 are the demo dogs  always there when I need to send a video to a client or do a video for one of my lectures! Logan was the best at this, but they are learning fast

Finally we have pebbles….so far she is just the poster girl and motivator! She makes the cutest noises and keeps you calm so you can get your work done….when you have finished staring at her

My family


2 responses to “Family business”

  1. You might want to correct the final paragraph – she “males” the cutest noises, I’m sure you’re talking about the chicken?
    Lovely photo 🩷

    1. Thank you Claire! All fixed! I am terrible for not seeing the typos so thank you for the proof read! 🙂