Welcome to Aria

Hello and welcome to Aria!

This is a very young little beauty


Mum is a massive, knowledgeable supporter of early intervention. As a result, she felt strongly that she wanted her puppy assessed.

She had no real concerns other than that she has grown incredibly fast! She really has! Getting an assessment early is a really great idea! Some parents bring them annually for a mobility check. It means we can find things early, and when we find things early, we can make adjustments to the lifestyle or give supportive exercise therapy to support the patient and keep them healthier for longer!

We did our assessed and found no issues at all! We are so pleased. It’s the outcome we all want. We advised to be careful not to over feed as that can be a reason for the fast growth. Mum knew this and was already staying on top of this.

Well done mum and Aria!