Welcome to Elvis

Meet Elvis

Welcome to Elvis!

He is so cute. His favorite hobby is to cuddle!

He is really young and mum was a superstar and wanted to get him a full assessment before he went to start his chosen sport.

He was incredible and got a full bill of health.

That said, I love to be completely open and honest so I’m sharing that there is more to this story.

Several days after he saw me, he was looking a little sore. Clearly that can be anything as anything can happen from the moment they leave the physio room, but it’s great to share these dogs stories and admit, we don’t have xray eyeballs! Mum completely understands this too so it’s all good.

Elvis went off the the vet and they also have find nothing. But mum is determined to leave no stone unturned and she is booked for a referral, so we watch this space incase there is anything more to be addressed.

He is only young so we hope there is nothing serious, but it’s wonderful to be so vigilant on these matters.

Well done mum and Elvis! You are in fantastic hands!