Welcome to Hollie


Hello and welcome to Hollie! She is such a sweet and very loved dog! So many of my patients are!

She has osteoarthritis.  Most people know this as arthritis. It’s the most common type.

Hollie has had a wonderful and full life with lots of running. But in the last 18 months things changed. She has started to slow down

The moment they knew they needed to do more than just the medication, was when she was struggling after a run.

The amazing family did do all they knew to do, but it’s hard when you are not trained in the profession. Why should any owner know exactly what to do? We are trained and taught to know.

So we set her up with a home plan. We also discussed her teeth as they can be a significant source of pain and I was worried this might add to the issue so she was sent back to get the vet to check those.

Mum and dad have need incredible and as a result they are all reaping the rewards! Hollies walks are now longer and more comfortable again and she is booked for a dental next week! And all with no extra medication!

Well done family! You are fabulous advocated for her! Well done Hollie for being compliant and following the palm