Welcome to Bella


Hello and welcome to Bella! This is Millies sister! She is very sweet. The poor mum and dad don’t get a break with Millie and now Bella!

Thankfully, Bella is not as much of a worry at all. She ruptured her cruciate ligament. It’s a much more common problem.

She had a very successful CCWO which is a wedge version of the more common TPLO.

People do ask me which is the best opperation to have. My answer is this… We do have the most papers written on TPLO, so therefore it can seem like the best option. However, you also need a confident vet and if they are more confident with a CCWO then that is the best option. You also need to know that there are reasons for each choice and those will effect the choice the vets make. So in brief, listen to the vet. That is the best option in my opinion.

Bella is doing really well. She has a rehab plan and her mum and dad are hot on it!

Well done mum, dad and Bella!


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