Welcome to Robbie and Mahny

Robbie and Mahny

Hello and welcome to Robbie and Mahny! There is quite a history here!

I met Mahny and Robbie 12 years ago when I worked for the Pet spa at Harrods. Mahny and Robbie are a fabulous team and brought us the original Doga. You may have seen them on Britain’s got talent a few years ago!

Logan and I enjoyed the Doga class Mahny did for us at Harods.

After the spa closed Mahny did lots of work for the Doga movement and there is a lot of history there.

More recently poor Robbie developed spinal issues. It was IVDD. I’ve posted about several patient with this nasty disease. Intervertebral disk disease. 

Fortunalty, his has not been too bad. His super vigilant mum was hot on his symptoms and noticed so fast. They have a huge connection as Robbie is also her support dog.

Mahny contacted me for physio. She so kindly said, only the best is good enough for Robbie and you are the best, so I have to see you! I am so proud to hear that.

Mahny is so dedicated to his care, that she travels to me from London via public transport as that is what she has to use. Don’t panic, Robbie is very comfy and happy on his journey.  He is well versed in travel.

We have got him on a muscle building program to strengthen his core. Mahny understands everything so well due to her awareness of the body through the Doga.

Robbie has a fabulous team and is staying strong and comfy. Well done Robbie and mum!


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  1. Gail Rowntree avatar
    Gail Rowntree

    You are in the best hands Robbie. Hope you improve soon

    1. Thank you so much! Robbie is a delight and doing exactly what he is told, bless him! 🙂 xx

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