Get your Copy of the Puppy Massage DVD to help get your dogs through lockdown!



So, nearly 3 weeks of lockdown! How are your dogs feeling? Sore, stiff, ok?

Us therapists feel so sad we can’t get our hand on to help but there is a solution.

The Puppy massage DVD! It has a digital upload so you can get it onto any device via your laptop or PC if you don’t have a DVD player. Instructions are included.

Learn how to do safe, effective massage on your dog at home. Its good for any age. It’s a visual step by step guided learning.

T.V. vet Paul Manktelow MRCVS, has put his face on the front because he thinks massage is awesome and needed. It has 5 star reviews form the president of the president of the British Veterinary Nursing Association and from Beverly Cuddy, editor of Dogs today magazine.

This information will help not only now, but for the rest of your dogs life as even when lock down is over, your therapist can build on your new found skill and enhance it.

Also featured on Crufts Extra and BBC London radio, it is truly loved, so get your copy today!

Fellow therapists, contact us to get some copies for your clients too!