Welcome Floyd

Hello and welcome to Floyd. He is so lovely, but he has such a complex history that he needs a lot of care. I have no problem providing that, and I make sure he feels calm and safe.

He was sent to me for rehabilitation of his elbow dyspalsia. We can’t fix this, but we can help keep the pain under control and stop it from getting progressively worse, as fast.

He came with quite possibly the longest history I have had yet! It took me over an hour to read all his notes!

Most notably, he had a long history of ear infections and gastroenteritis.  Both of these can be very painful. It’s quite likely that this also adds to his pain perception. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t have the pain. Far from it. It means that for him, a much smaller level of dysplasia causes him more pain than another dog without those extra added pain sources in his background.

With other questions in the vet reports and findings, we are keeping an eye on everything and treating the issues as they arise. I have a wonderful relationship with his vets too, so we will work as an awesome team with this complicated boy.

Well done, Mum, for being such a strong advocate for his needs! You got this! And well done, Floyd, for staying so strong and happy throughout all of your issues. We can all learn from Floyd!

Welcome Floyd


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