Pain, behaviour and resiliance

Pain, behaviour and reiliance

Pain, behaviour and resiliance is the title of my latest CPD. Continual professional development. I had to share these nuggets of thought…

You are not born with your set resilience for life. You can change it!
There are many factors that influence pain perception. These include genetics and microbiome etc. But also psychosocial. These have many avenues.There are many options. Distraction, increasing serotonin by many methods.  Cuddles, playing with other dogs for thier social needs, sensory stimulation,
Repeatable, easy, predictable games as these are comfy, not frustrating. (In people, you often gravitate to the game you know not a new one as it’s frustrating working out the new rules!

Of all the senses, food is the least calming so easy food games would be key, if they are needed

Take home: pain perception changes all the time. We can influence that and it can change by the minute!
Get a behaviourist to help as part of the care team if you can


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