Welcome to Dodge


Hello and welcome to Dodge! We have now met a lot of this family as Dodge has a super caring mum who makes sure her animals mobility is top notch!

This beautiful little sweetie did have a little fallout with a dog. Very sad. The whole family was devastated, but the vets were quick to act and Dodge made an incredible recovery!

However, the face was affected and left with some paralysis. There was trigeminal nerve damage and the vets were unsure of the prognosis.

This affected his ability to eat. He could manage, but it was very messy. Mum adapted by feeding him in the shower, as there he could make all the mess he wanted. However, it wasn’t ideal and mum contacted us to see if physio can help his face.

We were thrilled to be offered the opportunity to put new thoughts into action. The face is full of many muscles and nerves, we just had to get inventive.

We suggested a ping-pong ball covered in food, in a bowl. This meant he had to think to use various muscles and relearn to take control. We also did some face massages to promote healing in the muscles.

We are thrilled to report, Dodge made a full recovery and is leading a very happy and full life, and eating plenty of food!

Well done team Dodge!