Welcome to Emma

Emma having her first physio session

Hello and welcome to Emma. Such a sweetie!

Poor thing has had to have both her knees repaired. Her cruciate ligaments went. Shockingly common.

What is not so common, is that this time the bone didnt heal properly around the impant. This is called non union. So she has been sent to physio.

It is ideal to start the rehab process early so we can help avoid this happening. It is pretty rare to be fair though.

We have started her on an excercise plan, gradualy increasing strength and impact. Impact is really important and its what stimulates the bone to form new bone and heal. But it has to be done correctly otherwise you can over do it and that can also lead to non union. The strength also encourages the bones to be well suported and to fuse in the correct alignment.

We are thrilled to report that she is doing really well. Sbe is super happy and her excercise level is increasing safely and she is comfy.

Keep up the good work mum and Emma.