Welcome to Louie


Hello and welcome to Louie. Such a sweet cavalier king charles spaniel.

He was seeming off balance and his mobility was getting worse. He was referred to fitzpatric and diagnosed with degenerative myleopathy. This was confirmed with genetic testing which came back positive.

Sadly it means this illness will never be cured. Its very sad. But it can be managed. So he has been referred for physio.

Following assessment we found he still had a good amount of muscle. Its important we try to maintain the muscle and keep the nerves healthy by challanging them. The trick with this disease is to not allow the muscles to go to fatigue so its vitally important the home regime is optimised to allow Louie great quality of life, good challanges to keep his muscles and nerves healthy, but not too much that his limbs get tired.

We have set louie up with a home regime and he is doing well. We can stop the disease progressing as fast as it would without physiotherapy which is excellent news.

Keep up the good work mum and Louie.