Louise Turley Answers “What do You Love About Physio?”

Louise gave a lovely, long answer to the question “What do you love about physio?” She gave several of the reasons we also think physio is great! You can watch the video of her answering below:

What Louise Loves About Physio:

I love that it helps patients in so many different ways. And, because there’s so many parts to physio, I think some people think of physio as, you know, maybe it’s like a massage. And of course that you know, because if humans go to physio, and maybe that’s one of the things they get, but there’s also all the different bits that you guys do that, you know, with a different sort of laser thing, you know, it’s machines, only some things that I love.

The other thing I love about it is how interactive it is with for the clients and the clients can really, you know, they can be part of the physiotherapy programme as well. And so I love to refer people for physio… and one of the things that we’ll see when I say “I think that you should really consider physiotherapy for sometimes cats, usually dogs, is because… dogs will tolerate it more, is that the physio will teach you what to do, and then you can learn and then you can be doing this on a daily basis and you can really be part of it and, most pet owners want to really help their pet and they want to do it, but they don’t have the confidence and they don’t really know what what to do.

And so I love that, you know, whereas other things are perhaps a monthly injection a tablet is something that they’re giving the tablet, but they’re not really that involved in, whereas with physio they’re getting that…, when they then learn what to do. And they do the exercises and under doing some of the massage type you know bits as well. The they know they’re doing it and they’re having that bond with their pet and the can they can see the improvement that they are doing, you know and so some people might not have time to to do it regularly, but other people who do they love it and they really want to do it and I think that’s fantastic. They’re not feeling like either the vet or physio/other people are doing everything for their pet. They are really involved as well.

Louise’s Biography:

“I am Louise Turley; Vet and Director of Mulberry House Vets in Wokingham, Berkshire.  I love being a vet and I am incredibly proud of our Mulberry House Team where we are passionate about providing excellent veterinary care and client service as well as have fun and enjoying our days!”

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