Welcome to Dotty!

Welcome Dotty!

We have to both welcome and celebrate Dotty today!

This lovely little one had luxating patella on both sides. One side had a surgery to stop the knee cap slipping and dislocating.

Sadly there was a problem and a screw needed removing. This is not unusual though it’s not totally common. She then had lameness and problems and had never really made a good recovery so she was sent for physio and rehab.

I got her on a muscle building plan at the correct level for her stage and progressed it. Most importantly, I also got her in a weight loss plan.

Body fat is pro inflammatory and will encourage pain. We know that just 6% bodyweight loss can give the equivalent in pain relief as your non-steroidal anti-inflammatories! We also know that just 10% can double thier quality of life!

Mum and dad were super stars. They followed the plan to the letter. They reported today that “she is like a different dog”. Her mobility is back to normal. Her body weight is now perfect at a body condition score of 4/9. She lost 1.5kg which was 22% of her body weight. It never looks like they have that much to loose but it’s so important to stay on top of it. They said carrots for treats was the best tip they got!

Well done mum, dad and Dotty! And well done as your other dog is also benefiting from the information! We now will look after her hip dysplasia and keep on top of her health.