Welcome to Skye!


Hello and welcome to skye! This little dachund came in today feisty and cheeky, telling me all sorts of swear words!

But I worked my charm and this was the end result. Full exam and a sleepy chilled dog at the end. This makes me so proud!

Skye has an awesome mum. She wanted to make sure she is in a good place. Bless her heart, skye was born with a deformed paw!

She only has 1 toe that has full strength, 1 weak one, and the rest have many bones missing. This also means there is deformity in the pads.

But this does not stop her! She shows no change in her normal life. She is super happy and active and way more bouncy that mum would like!

It was great to give her an assessment. I was able to show mum where the likely weaknesses will be in the future and some top tips on help her keep her ability for as long as possible.

Mum has opted to come in for annual check ups to make sure she catches any problems early. Skye is only 1 at the moment so has a long life ahead. I’m here if she needs me sooner!

Well done mum and skye! You are both super stars! Keep up the good work!