Welcome to Teddy!

Welcome Teddy

Hello and welcome to Teddy! This super cute cockerpoo sadly has IVDD. Intervertebral disk disease.

This caused paralysis over a matter of hours. It was super scary for the poor parents. Teddy was rushed to the referral hospital and diagnosed quickly.

He had surgery, a hemilaminectomy, where they open the spinal bones and release the pressure on the spinal chord. They also fenestrated a few disks. This means they popped some holes in and removed the goop from inside so that the goop doesn’t pop out under pressure at a later date. This reduces the chance of it happening again. Sadly its impossible to say for sure but this is the best chance.

Next he was sent to me for physio. We got him in as fast as possible so we could begin our gentle program. This keeps the body from deteriorating whilst the spine bruise heals and also stimulates that healing process through sensory impulses being encouraged. It also helps support poor mum and dad who were worried sick.

I am thrilled to report that in 1 week he can now get up and stand already. We want him to stay relatively still and move with caution for 4 weeks, but he doesn’t know that! He is keen as mustard and we are confident he will make a very good recovery!

Keep up the good work mum and dad! The progression is fast and we will keep up with it with the right home plan!