Welcome to Mia

Welcome Mia

Hello and welcome to Mia. She has quite a short story with us, but wow, did she have a big history for such a young dog.

She came to us for back tension and the occasional skip.

This was a really wise choice as in some cases the skip is harmless, but in many cases its a luxating patella. Regarding the back, there are so many factors that can contribute to tension. We know this form our own backs. I doubt anyone has experienced zero back tension.

On exam there whole of this dog was quite tender. She was a muscle machine! But this didn’t make her back a concern. There were no pain signs or responses of concern. We didn’t feel the patella luxate either so this was all good signs.

What we did find was a few suggestions that anal glands might be the problem. These can be quite pesky and can present in the most odd ways. I only know this from my many years of nursing prior and alongside my physio.

So we referred back to the vet to check those out.

Well done team, for being so aware of her body and getting all the help needed. It was her wonderful dog walker who spotted the potential issue.