What happens when it all goes wrong!



What happens when it all goes wrong? Its every owners worst nightmare when surgery goes wrong. But it does happen. The surgeons will always do their best but you are told that no surgery is without risk, because things do go, not according to plan!

This worry about what might happen, is so crippling to some people that they opt not to have surgery too, even though it might be the better chance of success.

So Donna talked to one of her clients who really did experience it not going according to plan.

What happens when it all goes wrong

Her dog Bug has had 3 surgeries in less than 6 months. But they have all survived it as a family and Bug is thriving. In fact, Bug has become more calm than ever, as before the surgeries, she was really very anxious.

Jayne tells us what it has felt like for her to go through the surgery and how life has been at home and what support she has needed and got from her physio, Donna.

We are thrilled that Bug and Jayne have come out the other side and felt it was an important story to share. Its important that owners know that there is somewhere they can turn to go get the care team needed for the best outcome.

Thank you for your kind words Jayne.

What happens when it all goes wrong!