Welcome to Pug


Hello and welcome to Pug. Pug by name and breed!

Poor Pug has degenerative myleopathy and was really struggeling as a bladder infection really pushed him over the edge.

His wonderful dedicated parents had already got him a wheel chair as he was struggeling.

We were thrilled to be involved and be able to set a plan far more talored to Pugs needs.

He really needed what we call a toe up sling. Wasn’t easy to find for such a small dog. But we got him in this and with his new plan and the bladder infection clearing up, we are thrilled to say, he now is free of the chair for a little longer!

We hope this will be a while but degenerative myleopathy is not a forgiving disease and most don’t live longer than 10 months from diagnosis. We are thrilled to say, we were shocked when we learnt that statistic as our patients smash that record most of the time! And most importantly, with good quality time.

We will keep Pug on his happy plan and keep adapting his program in line with how he progresses. Physio plans are always individual to each patinet.

Keep up the good work whole family and Pug!