Welcome to Jerry

Hello and welcome to Jerry. We jave overcome all the challanges of lockdown. Working is not as normal, but we are open and busy getting everyone back in, plus a whole heap more!

Lockdown has not held the animals back. It feels like they have been more excited and happy than ever! Probably due to so many parents being home!

Meet Jerry! This guy managed to rupture his cruciate. Poor thing. He had his surgery, but soon after he managed to be silly (as some do, not all animals will do as they are told) and reinjure himself.

This meant he needed a further revision surgery. Bless him.

So he and his family are on a long recovery program so keep him comfortable and regain muscle and function.

These cases remind us of the emotional hardship opperations have on the owners. Possible evwn more so than the dog. They often bouce back so quickly, but its exhausting for tge owners.

So here is a big raised toast to all the pet parents who have been through surgery in thier pets. These animals are family members like all the others (if not more) and the emotional termoil is huge.

Well done mums and dads!

And keep uo the good work Jerry and family! You are doing great!