Welcome to Lady


Hello and welcome to Lady! She is so sweet! The poor thing has been through the wars!

Before lockdown, she was diagnosed with a luxating patella. So her knee cap was dislocating. When the vet when in to operate he found the cruciate ligament had also deteriorated. So both opperations were done together. It was also discovered that the other side was not great either. But that was to be addressed in the future after recovery.

So her rehab wasnt done. This case does peove the importance of rehab. Some dogs are totappy fine with no rehab many only need a small amount, but others need more. Having early rehab straight away, and sometimes before, really will shorten and strengthen the recovery.

However, we then had lockdown and the poor owners were on thier own for recovery. They were unaware we were able to see emergancy cases. This definitly counted.

This poor little poppet lost alot of muscle in her limb. So her parents decided they were going to see if they could find a physio. They found us. We got her in straight away.

Alot of muscle was lost and some insability had crept back in so it was all a real worry. But the owner gets a giant gold star and sent to the top of the class! She followed the regime perfectly. As a result the instability resolved quickly and the muscle is rebuilding.

This is a wonderful success story as if Lady was left with no rehab it would have been a very different story.

Well done Lady and family! Great team work! Keep up the good work!