Cuppa Tea with the Vet – Emily Biskup


Emily Biskup!

We were thrilled to be joined by the lovely Emily Biskup, Clinical director of Nine Mile Veterinary Hospital! She is such a lovely and humble person! Listen to the show and get to know her!

Most interesting thing I learnt, aside from how amazing her team is….she has jumped out of a plane TWICE! And she loves to travel and dreams of flying… I would say maybe she was a bird in a past life. But since she is an avid cat lover, I’m not sure that can be true.

Emily was the second of our nominated vets as she was nominated by Jenny Brown, our very first vet, of Bracken Veterinary Centre.

Emily was clearly a physio lover and had the following to say…

Physio is a really important part of any animals rehabilitation

By Emily

We do so much of it in human medicine as well….to get you living your normal life

Its really good when you can give your clients exercises to do at home as well, to empower the client to be part of the rehab process

It is something that I think sadly does get over looked at times, and it really shouldn’t

It should be part of the whole healing process.

Its not only about just surgery, its about those elderly patients as well….they need help rebuilding lost muscle so they can keep mobile as long as possible.

By Emily MRCVS

Thank you Emily for being part of another amazing show!

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Meet Emily Biskup!