Interviewed By CAM! Canine Arthritis Management



We are thrilled that CAM, Canine Arthritis Management wanted to interview Donna Wills on her opinion about arthritis care!

Arthritis is a subject close to Donna’s heart and she is so happy to be a part of the CAM movement. CAM was set up by Vet Hannah Capon. She feels highly passionate that Arthritis is both under diagnosed and under managed. Donna agrees with this completely.

Age does not mean we have to accept pain. Nor should we ignore arthritis and assume its a disease limited only to the older animals. Arthritis can and does hit at any age. Whilst juvanile arthritis is not common, its incredible how young a dog can be, and be suffering.

The youngest dog Donna has treated for diagnosed arthritis has been just 18 months. But she was thrilled to get that retriever to a rip old age of over 10. The owner had been told she should consider euthanasia when he was diagnosed. His mum and dad opted for a life long care plan and they did this so well, that the patient lived a long and happy life!

Thank you for the interview CAM!

Read her views on canine arthritis.

Donna And Logan
Donna And Logan