The power of Standing!


The power of standing!

We very much under estimate how hard our body works just to simply stand up! This is even more the case when we are old and sore or debilitated in any way!

I frequently ask about how much exercise a patient is doing. Owners often say “oh not much”. So I ask them to clarify. They often say “well, few 100 meters”. I admit that doesn’t sound a lot, so I ask how long they take to do that time. They often reply “oh 40 to 60 minutes”. Well then that’s a different story. “Have they laid down in that time?” “No, they mooch and sniff and I sit on the bench”.

OK, so actually their core muscles have been engaged a very long time. They have had lots of muscle action to simply keep themselves standing. Don’t under estimate the power of that and the impact of that on the body.

Its well knows that for an lay person entering into long distance running; if they were an office worker the training program needed to manage a marathon will be far harder, than for a person who works stood on their feet all day.

In the video there is an exercise if you want to jazz up your standing time and engage more muscle safely. But never underestimate how great simply standing really is for you body health.

Stay safe!