Welcome to Chip

Welcome to Chip

Hello and welcome to Chip. Such a sweet border collie. This chap is an agility dog, and is now in the veterans catagory.

He was starting to show intermittent lameness. So he was referred for physio.

We are thrilled to report, we changed his excercise regime temporarily and added some tageted excercises and then got him on a return to work program. He is now fighting fit and happy again.

We even had our skills tested as we had a power outage towards the end of the last session….but it proved how much we use our hands to feel the body as it didn’t stop us. Working in the dark was really quite calming for Chip!

Well done mum and chip! We look forward to meeting your brother soon! He’s comming for an all important mobility check. Always good to pick up issues early, and if non found, always nice to have full peace of mind.