Welcome to Rango


Hello and welcome to Rango. Such a crazy nutter! He is young and insane and soooo strong! But we know how to make him calm enough to work with! Bless him!

He has been suffering lameness. Not serious, but enough for mum to worry. So she has started physiotherapy. It has not been easy to isolate the cause in this case but our program of rest, controlled excercise and gradual rebuild has worked a treat!

This has been aided by a hydrotherapist who complimented the program. Great team work!

Rango is now sound. Though there are some niggles that we will get to the bottom of. We are working closely with the vet too, so this has been a great example of colaberation between the care team, to provide the best possible care for Rango. He’s a lucky boy!

Keep up the good work mum and Rango!