Welcome to Dorothy

Dorothy, degenerative myleopathy

Hello and welcome to Dorothy. She is super nervous and super cute. We were able to put her at ease quickly so she could enjoy her sessions.

She has been referred to us for generative myleopathy. Its a very sad disease process thay sadly only goes one way. But the physio can slow down this process.

The nerves feeding the muscles degerate. This inturn means the muscles weaken. Things like co ordination get difficult.

The best thing to aid this situation is maintaining nerve health. Use it or loose it is a very true saying in this case. But it has to be done right.

We find her areas that need targeting the most and give excercises to work these. The key is not to over work. Fatigue can make the situation worse. so getting it right is essential.

So we have set her up with an appropriate home regime. We have been seeing her for a few months now and we are pleased to report, she is doing so well!

Keep up the good work mum and Dorothy!