Welcome to Mami

Hello and welcome to Mami.


Such a sweet little jack russel cross.

This little one has had an arthrscopy in the elbows. This means a camera went into see the damage in the elbows that was causing pain. Whilst in there, they removed bits of cartilage that had become detached, and cleaned up the area. This is now a fairly common procedure but does have mixed results.

So Mami has come to us for physiotherapy. Our aim is to build up strength in the fore limbs, so they better support the bones and cause less pain. This also creates more stability, inturn reducing the progression of the arthritis which is likely to onset earlier in life due to the developmental elbow disease (elbow dysplasia).

We are thriled to report that Mami is doing really well! Well done mum, dad and Mami! Keep up the good work!