Welcome to Scarlett

Hello and welcome to Scarlett. A very nervous standard poodle. But very sweet.

Her mum told us at the end of the session, that she had never laid down in a therapy session anywhere before. So we were super proud of how well she relaxed for us!

She was no stranger to physio, but her mum decided she needed to try somewhere closer, so she came to us. She has had chonic back pain for many months. So we did our assesment and treatment. We were pleased to say she responded really well to the massage. So we set her up with a home massage regime and some core strengthening work.

She is doing really well, though it has been complicated by other illnesses that have occured during our time together. But mum is doing all she can to keep scatlett happy and comfy.

Keep up the good work mum and Scarlett!