Welcome to Monty


Hello and welcome to Monty. This is a very sweet and excitable dog who loves to have a lot of fun!

Monty was out having fun in a lake, when he came back severly bleeding. He had managed to cut right through 5 of his digital tendons on his hind limb!

He had emergancy surgery to repair the tendons, but wound breakdown was a high risk due to how dirty the wound was, and putting so much pressure through the paw.

His poor owner was actually mid move and so raced home to be with him. He had an amazing care team on his side.

He came for physio as he was unsuprisingly lame. We opted for ultrasound as this is the best treatment of choice for ligaments and tendons.

We followed out 8 weeks plan and he very quickly regained his comfort. We did a gradual return to work program so it would add the right level of stress through the healing tendons.

We are pleased to say, Monty is already back and happy and enjoying some off lead time. We remain cautious as the remodeling process will continue for a year, but his care team are excellent and his owner has been through this injury himself so has lots of sympathy.

We also want to add that the owner was amazing. Him and his friends went to clear the lake out afterwards, but sadly they could not find the item that did the damage. Sadly it is the risk of swimming in lakes as we can’t see into them well. One peice of advice we do give regarding lakes, is that it is better if they don’t jump off the side and only go in if they can walk in.

Well done team, dad and Monty!