Welcome to Faith


Hello and welcome to Faith. She is a very sweet little heinz 57! She was brought over from Romania by Help for Hope. Her story is that she was kicked so hard her back was broken. At this time she also had a very young puppy and was still feeding him. So a vet took her in and did spinal surgery. But sadly she remained paralysed. She still has her puppy and continues to be a good mum!

Sadly she was left for months with no rehabillitation, which makes this whole process much more diffucult. But she has now at least, got the care she needs.

We did an assessment. Her hind limb use is very poor but there was a slight sign of engagement of muscle in the Right hind. Amazingly, in the first session we got her standing and taking weight and attempting to move her paws to step. But she does prefer to drag herself as this is now a more effective way to move for her and therefore faster.

Her bladder control is less then ideal which is not usually a good sign, but her ability in just one session give us great hope. We have given her a robust home regime!

We have videos to follow so watch out for them!

Keep up the good work mum and Faith. This one is a family affair so its great you have so much support!