We attended the RAMP AGM

We are so pleased to report that we attended the RAMP AGM yesterday.

AGM’s are often particulary boring affairs, but in this evolving profession its a hot topic! So we decided to go to the AGM and learn more about the RAMP register that we are part of. It was actually brilliant!

The RAMP register is currently a voluntry register. The plan is that eventually all muskuloskeletal practitioners that are working on animals with physiotherapy, osteopathy or chiropractics, will all be on a register. The register is there to protect the owner and make sure the owner can have faith that the practitioner is of high standard. It also helps the referring vet know the same. So we registered for RAMP very soon after it came out, and we were pleased to be accepted.

It is a similar principle to the RCVS, as they are a register all vets have to be on, and any nurses working with the title RVN as they are also registered. It keeps them accountable for thier actions and makes them keep upto date with training as the science is evolving so fast now.

As a new register they are also going through lots of evolution. We didn’t know what to expect of attending the AGM, but it was a great opportunity to meet the faces of the people who run it.

They gave fantastic information about the future of RAMP and thier vision. They then opened the floor for questions. Well, we didn’t hold back. We asked lots of questions and they were all taken very well and answered very kindly.

It was a wonderful experiance and we would strongly reccomend that any other of us MSK practioners try really hard to go next year, they were very welcoming.

Well done RAMP!