Welcome to Tyson


Hello and welcome to Tyson. Such a sweet dog.

He has been referred by his vet because he seemed to loose the muscle in his hind very quickly. This is generally not a very good sign and can be associated with a few things.

So we did our assessment and it was clear that he had some neurological deficits. His nerves were not working as well as they should be. This can account for rapid muscle loss.

His joints were actually quite good so we could rule out arthritis being a main factor.

So we set his owners up with a home regime that focused on nerve health. If you can imporve or at least slow the nerve degeneration, you will improve the muscle bulk in turn.

Mum and dad were also amazing because they noticed early and so we are able to make good changes whilst he is capable of implementing them.

This will be a life long change for him. There is no quick fix that will mean he no longer has this issue. So mum and dad will have to be commited to a home regime long term. But we do pride ourselves with working with the mum and dad to make a home regine that suits both patient and parent as it is all most effective if easily achieved.

Keep up the good work mum and dad!