Welcome to Murphy


Hello and welcome to Murphy! That was one very cute dog! So well behaved!

Poor thing has a bad back. All seemed well, until one day he came in looking super sore and his back was arched

Vet exam concluded he may have some disk damage. He was given pain relief and physio suggested, so he came to see me.

I definitely agree. He has a super sore back and his spine was what we call, kyphotic. It’s OK though, as we have a plan

It’s really important we work on the core as that is what will support the spine. If we don’t support the spine, it will try to support itself and we get spondylosis. This is best described as arthritis of the spine.

He certainly enjoyed his massage. His mum now has the start of her exercise plan. Exercise is key here. We will update her plan in a weeks time

Well done mum and Murphy. This is the start of a beautiful recovery.