Annual summit learning myofascial lines

Myofascial lines CPD

This weekend I spend a very intensive 2 days learning about myofascial lines. Thank you for my CPD provider, online pethealth, for the amazing updates in the important topic of fascia!

Fascia is a very important connective tissue in the body. It is now considered an organ as it is so important.

Historically it was simple a tissue layer, cut through to provide access to what lays below. We now know it does so much for the fluid movement of structures around the body.

It offers support and even provides strength in areas. It lubricates between muscle layers. It contains nerve fibres and helps us know what our body is doing.

If it gets scarred, then we really notice the damage. That will lead to pain, reduced flexibility and weakness.

We also learnt how emotional stress and tension can also cause tension in the Fascia and have an effect on the whole body.

Very interesting was the word “lines”. We have always known our body has connections. Many years ago I was taught that the muscle should be considered 1 muscle with 600 pockets…. here we were taught about facial lines that are distinctly linked in the body. We were shown many cadavers showing the linked line of tissue flowing from the top of the head to the tips of the toes. There are several lines, some linear, some cross the body, some even in a spiral. We learnt how these lines effect elements within its line.

I love learning all the updates in science. It’s so important for us to be able to always do our best for our patients. Everytime you find out a little bit more, your mind opens and something extra makes sense again.

I often find my gymnastics is a real help in body understanding as I reflect frequently on how I make my body work and sometimes hoe and why it hurts….the fascial lines lectures really helped my gymnastics click. When I bend forward at the hip and touch my toes, I often do this sat and wriggle my feet and I find it helps. Now I know that is likely helping because I am manipulating the Fascia in that activated fascial line.