Welcome to Jemima

Welcome Jemima

Hello and welcome to Jemima. This cute bunny came in for a sore hind leg. She wasn’t sitting right. We found her to have some crepitus in her knee so arthritis was likely

Her furmum is a super star. I have treated several of her bunny’s over the years (and her cats) but this bunny was thr biggest challenge as she was the hardest for the family to catch for the exercise plan! Well, it had to happen at some point after we had done so well with so many of her other animals!

We set our home plan and the family were all super stars as they always are. Arthritis is always a challenge and it effects rabbits and all species. If you jage a rabbit and they start to slow down, move differently, go off thier food, or change behaviour, do see the vet as it might well be arthritis.

Well done mum for being so vigilant with all your array of furries