Welcome to Bertie

Welcome Bertie

Hello and welcome to Bertie! He is so handsome and the cuddliest giant ever! He litrally squashes you for a cuddle! Bless him!

His mum has been bringing one of the other family members for a few years as she has gotten old and needs help. I will add, that she is incredible for her age as well! She does not look nor act it!

She got Bertie as a crazy puppy and noticed he started stretching his head and neck up. It was seemingly odd behaviour so she worried there was a problem cauasing it.

A vet exam revealed nothing serious so Bertie was sent for conservative management and to see if anything further could be found.

He is keeping his underlaying cause to himself. We have some theories that it may be cervical spine related but not severe enough to warrent surgery at this stage. We will continue to monitor.

For now we have been managing him with massage and strengthening excercises. We are thrilled to report that the odd stretching behaviour has reduced to almost nothing, so this is working well. Bertie was crazy but quite good at the neck strengthening work, despite it being one of the more difficult excercises to do on a dog.

Well done Bertie, mum and dad!