We have set up a donate button to help other peoples fur friends.

Donna has been inspired by all the wonderful people setting up all sorts of things to help other humans out, from schools taking donations to give families in need, to coffee shops letting you buy and extra coffee for someone down on their luck.

We have set up a pay it forward board, donate today!

Pay it forward Board, Donate today.
Pay it forward Board, Donate today.

Use our PayPal donate button to send money over to us. When there is enough for an initial consult we will use it to treat a patient from someone who simply doesn’t have the money. Or ask when you are next in for your consult and we can use the usual payment methods if you prefer not to use PayPal.

Animal Physiotherapy Ltd will also give a FREE follow up consult to anyone who has the initial consult, so that patient will get at least 2 sessions.

We hope you are inspired to help someone else’s fur friend out. We don’t know who the recipient will be, but there will be plenty worthy. We work closely with Vets and charities so we will know who to offer it to.

To say thankyou, you will get an email certificate that would make a wonderful gift. When the donation is fulfilled we will email you so you know the story of the patient you have helped.

This will make an amazing Christmas present for any animal lover.

An initial consult is fee £65 but any amount is equally as valuable, it all adds up together. Team work is dream work!

Kindness in the world

We truly hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas, both human and animal alike. We all deserve it! Its been a tough year all round! Everyone has worked so hard this year and its really crushed some people. Hopefully this act of kindness will help restore some balance in the world.