Cuppa Tea with the Vet – Christabel Moseley

Thanks to Christabel Moseley of Twickenham Vets for joining Donna for Cuppa Tea with the Vet!

It was amazing to learn Christabel’s history. She truly did start at the bottom and is a reflection of how important it is to make the most of the Saturday jobs. Those connections will stand you in great stead for the future. Christabel’s relationship with the vet back then, meant she was first employed and then later on, able to buy a practice all from the same vet! 

Christabel also clearly has lots of love and support from her family. That love has leached out to help her become a very holistic thinking vet, as she has trained to be able to offer more than just the conventional drugs for pain control. We love hearing from vets who think beyond the drugs shelf. Though never dismiss the drug shelf. It’s needed as part of a multimodal approach, and we know that a multimodal approach is the best way to get the best results

I love the multimodal approach to anything musculoskeletal. Its got to be a multimodal approach. I think it took the profession a long time to realise that.

It’s not just a case of giving pills and hoping for the best. You have got to try all the different modalities. The acupuncture comes into that, the hydrotherapy, physio, nutrition, everything!

All the facets coming together, that gives the animal the best chance the the best Quality to life.

Christabel Moseley Bio

I qualified from Bristol Vet School in 2000, and started working in Richmond straight away in a practice I had been seeing practice in since the age of 15.  In December 2003 I was put in charge of Twickenham Veterinary Surgery, which at the time was a branch surgery to the main practice in Richmond. 

In 2008 I bought the surgery from Mr Andre and we soon moved into larger premises and took on more staff.  We have grown from a one-vet practice into a five-vet practice (FTE 4 vets) and in 2018 we took the decision to join Independent VetCare, as my husband (who is our Practice Manager) and I had taken the surgery as far as we could on our own. 

We both remained at the practice and I still run the practice as its Clinical Director.  Soon after I graduated, I completed the IVAS (International Veterinary Acupuncture Society) course in veterinary acupuncture, and I have been using this in my management of cases for just over 20 years now.  I have two young children – Isabelle is 9 and a half and Antonia is 6 years old.

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