Cuppa Tea with the Vet – Ben Gamsa



Thank you to Ben Gamsa of Cotswold vets for Joining us in Cuppa Tea with the vet! It was so lovely to have time to chat and get to know him!

We had so much fun on this one. Ben has an incredible passion for both people and animals. I have to say, this does show. He has such a huge fan club out there. We have many mutual clients who sing his praises.

We learnt how Ben was really very musical! He was a choir singer and plays the Saxophone! I am very jealous of the sax!

As we kicked off this pain awareness month he gave us his top tip for pain control – Weight loss! He was so kind and understanding about that message, but its so true!

We also asked “what do you love about physio?” Ben is so supportive of Animal physiotherapy Ltd and sends so many patients our way so of course he had great love.

Where do I start Donna! Its a great tool we can add to the mix in patients rehabilitative care.

From a human perspective we see a doctor for musculoskeletal issues and get get a Ibuprofen but its not the be all and end all of scope. There is plenty of realm to do more, that we don’t have the time, teaching or expertise to help with.

Its lovely that it can be done by someone like yourself who has the time and dedication to do it in a way that we never can…..

Ben Gamsa, Cotswold Vets
Ben Gamsa
Interview with Ben Gamsa of Cotswold Vets!

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