Welcome to Arthur

Welcome to Arthur

Hello and welcome to Arthur! Wow he has a heart of mushy gold!

He is incredible! Rescued by DBARC. They noticed something was not right with his hip and took him to the vet.

The vet did an x-ray and there was no other solution than to remove the hip joint. His muscle was so wasted and he was too sore to use it properly, so he was brought to us for physiotherapy.

We are thrilled to report that he took to his regime well. Gold star to DBARC staff who worked hard to follow the plan.

Full success! He is using it so much better already! Well done team!

So why did I call him mushy?! Because he has been through so much in his short life and yet he has an insane energy and passion for life! He has not given up! I wish all humans could have this level of resiliance! He has the strongest cuddles and if he could get inside you for a cuddle he would! He is so full of love and I look forward to hearing the day he gets his forever home!

Well done DBARC and Arthur!