Cuppa Tea with The Vet – Danny Chambers!


Meet Vet Danny Chambers!

Yet another amazing Cuppa Tea with the Vet! We Chatted to Danny Chambers. He is incredible and so passionate about everything!

He grew up on a farm and couldn’t decide wither to be a doctor or vet. He find full passion on being and animal vet, but realising that he also helps people in turn, full fold!

He has an incredible passion for Justice and politics and making changes in the world. He was a real inspiration. Thank you to Victoria, our last vet, for nominating him!

What does Danny love about physio?

We asked Danny what he loves about physio….

What I love about it is how….its probably underrated. But its one of the disciplines that gets animals and people back to full Health. And if you don’t do it right, they won’t come right, and if you do, do it right, they will in a lot of cases. Especially when it comes to injuries and especially in sports horses.

And I think that a lot of people are on unnecessary medication and pain killers and its the same for animals, and they wouldn’t have them if they had physio….

I know from my own experience, I was exercising really hard this year and my left Hip was sore and I saw a physio. And I know that if I do the right stretches it will be ok, and if I don’t it will be really sore and I’ll need ibuprofen, and that down to having an expert who can tell you how to fix yourself drug free! Which is what we want – side effect free!

Danny Chambers, MRCVS